Raquel Phillips

That past year has been an extreme journey that has shaped how I view my body and physical fitness. In reflection of that time, I came up with these seven suggestions that have helped me lose weight and fuel my body for success.

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Before you make your meal plan, the first thing to consider is to understand that eating is not a one size fits all approach. You will meet people on your journey who will swear by veganism and have the data to back it up, you will meet people who swear…

While driving through my neighborhood, I found two solid wood dining chairs that were being thrown out. I reached out to the homeowner to make sure it was okay to take them, and with their blessing, I took them home to begin another DIY project to add to our DIY coastal home project arsenal.

Once I got the chairs home, I inspected them to make sure that they were not rotted and structurally sound. I began the project by spraying the chairs down with a hose because there were a lot of dirt, debris, and cobwebs on each chair. After hosing them down, I…

These are the simple steps we took to transform our formal dining room into a nursery using design and decor. Please take a peek at our journey of creating a temporary extra bedroom space. (Check out the picture gallery at the end)

Door Installation

The first thing we did to transform the room was we installed barn doors on the two openings to the space. …

“You took the crab out of his natural habitat?” my husband questioned me.

I could feel the judgment emitting itself from his pores. That’s when the guilt started. A week ago, I went paddleboarding with my neighbors, and we stopped at a sand bar for a bit to take in…

Laundry got you down? These 6 tips will have you on top of that laundry situation fast!

Tip 1: Assign everyone in your house a laundry bin. Everyone in my house is assigned a dirty laundry bin; that way, there’s never any question where dirty clothes go. There is no question about what’s dirty and what’s clean. In the event we have a day where we miss…

When I find myself having to get life done and still keep my babies from meltdowns, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s imperative to pack the perfect snacks.

Having a large family with 6 children, sometimes planning an outing to places like the grocery store without having a gaggle…

Raquel Phillips

Raquel Phillips is a writer, digital creator, CPT, and group fitness instructor. She is a wife, and mother of 6 children. She resides in Virginia Beach, VA.

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