A look into the wild, wild west of raising a toddler.

My eyes popped open and went straight to the wall. 5:00 am was projected onto the wall in neon blue. No alarm. Why was I up? It was spring break; why wouldn’t my body allow me even a few extra minutes to sleep-in. I closed my eyes. “Please go back to sleep,” I repeated over and over in my head. I had barely drifted black to sleep when my eyes popped open again — Neon blue lights. 5:30 am was projected on the wall. Beep. Beep. Beep. There was…

When I find myself having to get life done and still keep my babies from meltdowns, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s imperative to pack the perfect snacks.

Having a large family with 6 children, sometimes planning an outing to places like the grocery store without having a gaggle of children in tow is out of the question. When I find myself having to get life done and still keep my babies from meltdowns, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s imperative to pack the perfect snacks. Lately, I try to focus on finding healthier choices for snacks, that…

The 6 simple steps we took to transform our formal dining room into a nursery using design and decor.

When it comes to household management and organization with a large family, the biggest take away for me has been improvisation. In February of 2019, we purchased our first home, a 2200 sq ft colonial built in the same year I was, 1982. We did not choose our home for it’s design elements, we chose it because we wanted our two oldest children, both girls to be able to continue the journey they had both worked so hard for. …

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Over the years, I’ve talked to a lot of parents who are overwhelmed thinking about balancing scheduling and activities for their children during the school year, while still getting the rest of their lives done. With six children and their various activities, I am the poster girl for scheduling anxiety, however, I do have a little bit of insight into the balancing act that back-to-school time intensifies. So, I thought I’d compile a few quick tips that can help us navigate scheduling issues.


One major thing that I suggest when planning the kids schedule is that you always put any…

Most mornings, especially during last school year, getting all 4 of my school aged children, my 2 toddlers, and myself ready were a whirlwind. I would get my oldest two to their buses, and then I would drive my elementary aged boys to school. I would usually drop them off and then head straight to the gym or to run morning errands with my toddlers in tow. So, in order to have them ready in the mornings there are 5 things I did that made my life a lot easier.

1. Give Them Managed Choices — Young children always want…

My First Vegan Brunch Attempt

Ok, ya’ll! I have told my husband multiple times over the past year that I thought the universe was pushing me to go Vegan. Now, If you have ever been out to dinner with me, you know that my favorite meal has been steak and potatoes for years. I have never fancied myself a vegan girl. Although I have gone long portions of time throughout my life without meat, or with very little meat, I still could not imagine living life entirely without it.

In 2017 I was finally almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight after having our 5th child…

My youngest of 6 enjoying his first time seeing snow

Ok, so I know everyone loves snow; the flurries are majestic, it looks pretty. Blah, blah, blah.

But I’m not too fond of snow.

I do not hate the way it looks or the majesty of it all. My disdain comes from a place of practicality.

First of all, we live in Virginia Beach, where it does not snow all the time. We have had years where it snows and then years where it does not snow. For the past two winters, it did not snow here, and then last night. Bam. Blizzard.

I’m kidding. It was not a blizzard…

I am often asked about meal planning for my large family. Whenever I talk about meal planning for my large family which includes — myself, my husband and our six children, I always start with grocery shopping. In order to execute any meal plan or be intentional about eating goals, you have to have the groceries on hand, and to ensure you have the groceries you need it’s always helpful to have a grocery shopping plan. So, I have compiled 5 tips that have made grocery shopping a breeze for my large family.

Tip Number One: Use Lists


Someone asked me why I thought my children love vegetables so much, here are the reasons why.

Jaxson, my 5-year-old, and Tristan, my 2-year-old, love fruits and vegetables. They literally would choose raw fruits and vegetables over most offerings (although Jaxson loves, chocolate and cupcakes probably just as much). However, my older two boys are a little more reluctant about choosing fruits and vegetables first. Someone asked the other day why I thought that was. The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer to this question and my journey feeding my family over the years. The…

Why choose fear when you can choose abundance? Stop choosing fear. Choose abundance today.

For months I’ve been wanting to find my way back to a yoga class.

Yesterday, I got the overwhelming pull to take the first step and try and find a studio that had openings. I purchased a package at a studio I’ve been to before but once I got to the class selection portion, I realized that they were fully booked and had no class openings for weeks.

We have a YMCA membership, so I went on their new app to see if I could get…

Raquel Phillips

Raquel Phillips is a writer, digital creator, homemaker, and entrepreneur. She is a wife, and mother of 6 children ages 2–14. She resides in Virginia Beach, VA.

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